Lebanese Athletics Federation statement about Charles Karam results!

23 Jun. 2016- Lebanese Athletics Federation posted on its official website the final decisions regarding the latest news about Charles Karam breaking the 200 and 400 meters records.

The federation didn’t receive yet from USA any evidence about Charles’ records and took the following decisions:

  • Assigning the federation’s general secretary Nehmetallah Bejjani to follow up with the American Athletics Federation, the concerned university and the event’s court management regarding the issue.
  • Send a written warning to Charles Karam after his fake message to the federation member Elie Saade, where he listed his achievements and confessed later on that the race wasn’t official.
  • Charles Karam’s name is removed from the federation’s candidates list of Lebanese athletes for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
  • A final decision regarding the situation is still to be taken right after the end of the investigation.