Lebanese Athletics: 4th International Phoenicia Race Results

29 Apr. 2015 – Phoenicia Club organized the 4th International Phoenicia Race in Tyr with the support of the president Nabih BERRI, represented by Nacif SAKLAOUI, and Tyr Municipality.

“All for Lebanon” is the slogan of the race to support an2(3)d thank the Lebanese Army for their scarifies for our Nation. We should note the presence of the General Abdo SOUMA as representative of the General Jean AHWAJI, General Hassan ROUSTOM who is the general secretary of the Lebanese Olympic Committee and Roland SAADE the president of the Lebanese Athletics Federation.

More than 3500 Lebanese runners and some Arab and International athletes took part in this race. Phoenicia Club is known to be one of the best running clubs in Lebanon especially in the Long and Middle distance races. The club is preparing a young generation of very talented athletes who, as seen below, have won every single race in the Age Group categories (under 20).

>>> Results:

10km Men (21-34):

  1. Awad Charfat (Jordan)
  2. Bilal Awada (Lebanese Army)
  3. Ali Sweidan (Lebanese Army)


10km Women (21-34):

  1. Hounwa Hassaballa (Sudan)
  2. Mona Fahes (ISF)
  3. Mariam Haydar (Phoenicia)


Juniors Men (17-18):

  1. Elias Makhoul (Phoenicia)


Juniors Women (17-18):

  1. Hiba Badran (Phoenicia)


Juniors Men (19-20):

  1. Mostafa Harb (Phoenicia)


Civilian Men (21-34):

  1. Mahmoud Khodr (Charouk Association)


Veterans Men 1:

  1. Jassout Sing (UN)


Veterans Women 1:

  1. Nicole Elias (Inter-Lebanon)


Veterans Men 2:

  1. Ali Makki (Inter-Lebanon)


Veterans Women 2:

  1. Rayanne Chayin (UN)


Veterans 3:

  1. Samir Madbouli (Elite)


  • 4.2 km Race:


AG 2004-2005 Boys:

  1. Hussein Souli (Phoenicia)


AG 2004-2005 Girls:

  1. Isra’ Ezzedine (Phoenicia)


AG 2002-2003 Boys:

  1. Rawad Safieddin (Phoenicia)


AF 2002-2003 Girls:

  1. Ghadir El Achkar (Phoenicia)


AG 2000-2001 Boys:

  1. Mountaser Hamiye (Phoenicia)


AG 2000-2001 Girls:

  1. Ghiya Mtayrek (Phoneicia)


AG 1998-1999 Boys:

  1. Ahmad Chour (Phoenicia)


AG 1998-1999 Girls:

  1. Rayanne Maalouk (Phoenicia)