These are the Lebanese athletes who will represent our country in 2016 Rio Olympic Games

27 May. 2016- The Lebanese Olympic Committee organized a press conference today in Zeitouna Bay to announce the list of athletes who will represent Lebanon at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. We are still waiting to get some invitations cards from the International Olympic Committee to our athletics athletes, as it was mentioned in the press conference.

With the presence of the Lebanese Olympic Committee president Mr. Jean HAMMAM, the Olympic Committee member and the head of Rio delegation Mr. Mazen RAMADAN the names of the athletes who are officially going to Rio for now were announced:

  • Chirine NJEIM, after clocking 2:44:14 in the Huston Marathon she was the first Lebanese athletes to qualify to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
  • Mona SHAITO, she was the second Lebanese athlete to be qualified to the 2016 Rio Olympic games, she will represent our country in Fencing.
  • Mariana SAHAKYAN, one of the best table tennis athletes in Lebanon, she could dominate almost all the titles lately. She was qualified to the Rio Olympic Games after winning the Hong Kong Olympics Qualification tournament.
  • Nacif ELIAS have made several achievements this season, by winning international grand prix. Nacif is ranked 27th in the world in his category what gave him a spot to represent Lebanon in the biggest sports event.
  • Ray BASSIL, the wild card is well deserved and we will be proud to be represented in shooting by such a talented athlete. Ray is ranked first internationally as per the international shooting website. With Ray representing our country, we have a big opportunity to grab a medal in the upcoming Olympic Games.
  • Anthony BARBAR is a swimmer who will also have the chance to represent Lebanon at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Anthony was also granted a wild card.
  • Gabriella DOUEIHY, is a young talented Lebanese swimmers with tons of achievements. Gabriella will represent Lebanon in the Olympic Games after she was granted a wild card.
  • The last wild card was given to Richard MOURJAN, who be representing our country in Canoe at the Olympic Games.


8 athletes have made it, more are expected to be added to the list. We do believe in our athletes, let us just wish them great preparation and support them while their looking to represent Lebanon in the best way possible.