Lebanese Athletes results at the 2016 Asian Indoor Athletics Championship

21 Feb. 2016- The 7th Asian Indoor Championship has finally come to an end. Our national team performed well in general but we weren’t able to grab any medals.

We should admit that the level of this competition is very high. Especially now that most Arab countries have given citizenship status to a large number of Africans and soon Jamaicans. So what you would notice nowadays is that this championship has become “Asia” vs “Africa” leaving little chances to Arabs to bring medals home.

On the second day of competition, Ali HAZER and I were the last ones to compete. We both took part in the 60m hurdles. Ali clocked 8.64 second after feeling some discomfort in his leg before the race. Ali, who is the eldest in our group and the one with a great career, was there to support us during training and competition!

Ali will be running next week and will be looking for better results!

On my side, I set a new personal best of 9.37 seconds which is also a National indoor record. I was able to improve my record by only 0.02 since 2014. I personally expected better results but it is a good preparation for the 100m hurdles outdoors.

No one was able even to go to the semi-finals or finals, but we were surprised to see that only two teams lined up for the 4x400m relay in the men’s category and only three in the women’s! We were three girls and three boys; our men are all 400m runners, we should have been a team of four players. At least in this case we could have raised our Lebanese flag.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience overall, meeting new people, encouraging each others and being one great team!

Krystel Saneh