Lebanese Athletes competing in Jordan

29 Mar. 2016 – Ten Lebanese Athletes went to Jordan to compete at their National championship. Despite the bad weather conditions, four of the athletes managed to win medals, but it directly affected their performances.

Ramzi NAIM won the 100 meters and finished second in the 200 meters. Kevin CHAMI finished 1st in the shot put and third in the Javelin throw. Tamara AWADA won two gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters juniors and finally Tara KANJ was able to win the 100m hurdles and finished third in the 100 meters flat. Raghed RAAD won second place in the 400m Hurdles.

The rest of the team was formed by Mohamad HANNOUF who competed in the 400m and in the 800m with Hussein KHALIFE and Hussein ZAYAT (who also competed in the 1500m).

“It was my first international competition so I was so excited and stressed at the same time. My main focus was to live a great experience and not look for rankings knowing that my level doesn’t allow me to compete abroad,” said Tamara AWADA.

“The conditions in Lebanon are much better but the competition was great! I was surprised to win two gold medals so now I am definitely more motivated to train harder and be ready for the season,” she added. It is true that when you compete abroad you come back even more motivated to train and improve! Every athlete, despite his level of competition, should go for such experiences!

The team traveled right after the CSJ meeting organized on the 24th of March. The Lebanese Athletics Federation is organizing their first meeting of the year on the Jamhour track on April 6, 2016, in preparation for the Juniors West Asian Championship that is going to be held in Bahrain in Mid April.