Lebanese Army team excelling and dominating Lebanese Sports!

15 Mar. 2016 – The Lebanese Army Judo team took part in an amity tournament alongside Boshido Club and NDU in Sacre Coeur, in Mina, Tripoli on the 12th of March 2016.

The Lebanese Army was able to take first place in this tournament. This achievement couldn’t be done without the efforts of the Lebanese army players:

Rachad CHOUMAN who won the 60kg category, Rida SAAD who finished in second place. Ali CHOUMAN who won the 66kg category, Abed AL GHANI AL HAYEK who came in second place. Naser AL SAHMARANI who won the 73 kg category. Michel AL SOURI who won the 81 kg category, Hussein DEKKO who came in second place and Wissam SAKR who came in third place. Mohamad AL HALLANI who won the 90kg category, Ali RAMADAN who came in second place. Khaled DEKKO who won the 100kg category and Jad JOHNNYwho came in second place. Mahmoud AL ALI who won the over 100kg.

On the other hand, the International referee the Lieutenant-colonel Fadi AL KEBBI took part in the African Roman-Wrestling and Free-Wrestling Championships that took place in Egypt, from the first of March to the 6th, where he impressed everyone by leading some of the greatest matches in the championships.

Moreover, the Elite running club organized a 10km race in Nacoura on the 13th of March where the Lebanese Army team completed the podium with Bilal AWADA in first place with 32:47, Hussein AWADA in second place with 32:59 and in third place Zaher ZAHR EDDIN with 33:00!

Congrats to the Lebanese Army team who is doing really good performances in all sports!