Lebanese Army and Champville are the 2016 Lebanese Open Clubs Champions

01 Aug. 2016 – Three days of competition has finally ended! Three days where athletes fought hard for their teams and teammates. This championship is known in Lebanon to be the best because the motivation of every athlete, coach and supporter is greater than the rest of the competitions and because this championship gives us, as athletes, a sense of belonging.

It is mainly dedicated for the coaches and the clubs that are kept in the dark most of the time. The individual championship showed who the Lebanese Champion is. This one is about the Clubs. But, even with the atmosphere that this championship creates, I think that the clubs are taking it more seriously than they should. Because at the end of the day, it is all about your happiness and having fun performing!

Sport is not a battle nor war, it is a leisure that should be done with pleasure! It is a mean for change and peace! It is the place where you can push the limits, challenge yourself while enjoying it with your friends or teammates!

In those three days, we saw athletes fighting and giving their best! We saw a lot of broken records knowing that two weeks ago, in the Individual Championship only one category record has been broken.

On the third and last day of the championship, two athletes were able to set new records one in the Seniors and the other in the Bantams (12-13). Lynn AZAR (Champville) is the first Bantam girl to jump over 10 meters. She jumped 10.05m to take second place behind Sabine KHOURY from Inter-Lebanon.

Mira IBHRAHIM (Champville) set a new best performance with 1kg discus when she threw it at 29.02m! (Mira is in the midget category 14-15, they usually throw with the 800g discus). Krystel SANEH (Champville) set a new 100m Hurdles National record with 15.34s.

On the other hand, Jamhour team ran an amazing 4x400m relay and were able to overcome the Lebanese Army team who won the championship with a big margin. Jam hour finished second overall and Champions finished third.

In the women’s, the battle between Jamhour and Champville ended in favor of Champville who regained their title after 7 years! Inter-Lebanon finished in third place.

Finally, we are glad that the season has finally ended. Now all the eyes are turning to Rio where the Olympic Games will be held. Chirine NJEIM and Ahmad HAZER will represent Lebanon in the Marathon and 110m Hurdles. We wish them all the best!