Lebanese Age Group Beach Volleyball Championship

04 Aug. 2015 – The Lebanese volleyball federation organized the 2015 Lebanese age group beach volleyball championship at BVB (Nahr Ibrahim).

Many players were participating in the tournament, and a large crowd was following the games.

Here are the results:


Born in 2004: 
01. Ralph Attieh and Carl Koury
02. Ralph Tannoury and Camil Tabet
03. Chris Daccache and Albert Tannoury

Born in 2002-2003:
01. Jason Najjar and Ralph Tannoury
02. Chris Daccache and Martin Najjar
03. Ali Darnakieh and Majd Haffar

Born in 2000-2001: 
01. Ralph Tannoury and Carl Khoury
02. Chris Daccache and Georges El Rahi

Born in 1998-1999:
01. Ibrahim Haddad and Mohamed Tafaha
02. Karim Dabbous and Jad Hamze
03. Carl Khoury and Charbel Khoueiri

Born in 1996-1997:
01. Joe Chehwan and Anthony Aarida
02. Carl Khoury and Charbel Khoueiry
03. Jean Paul Kobrossi and Mario Khoury

Born in 1994-1995:
01. Richard Abi Chedid and Assaad Yazbeck
02. Joe Kazzi and Ralph Tannoury
03. Ramy Aoun and Nawad Habchy


Born in 2004: 
01. Nay Chkour and Paula Fatouh
02. Serena Mansour and Maria Mansour

Born in 2002-2003:
01. Diala Bachmany and Layal Jazzar
02. Maya Khoury and Hanane Lababidi

Born in 2000-2001:
01. Gina Sadek and Rima Haffar

Born in 1998-1999:
01. Aya Mattar and Mia Maroun
02. Nada Azar and Myriam Azar
03. Nay Chkour and Dima Wehbe

Born in 1997-1996:
01. Aya Mattar and Mia Maroun
02. Linda Moussi and Mary Abou Issa
03. Sarah Fares and Myriam Azar

Born in 1994-1995:
01. Sarah Daher and Nour Hamze
02. Mia Maroun and Aya Mattar