Lebanese Acrobatic Rock n Roll To European Championship

15 Apr. 2017 – Probably not the most famous sport in Lebanon, Acrobatic Rock n Roll is actually quite prominent abroad, most notably in countries such as Russia.

Acrobatic Rock n Roll is a very athletic, competitive form of partner dancing that is designed for performance. It is danced by both couples (usually of mixed gender) and groups, either all-female or four to eight couples together. This is normally a very fast and physically demanding dance.

Nameless Club Lebanon has decided to include this type of dancing in their program and a very talented couple was spotted there. In fact, Yasmin Masri and Mazen Tannous have been dancing together for a couple of months now. Mazen has a vast experience in the field since he has been practicing for a while. He has also competed abroad, in Russia. Yasmin, new to this type of dancing but definitely no stranger to sports, is a former gymnast, and not just any gymnast. She is, and has been, the national gymnastics champion for several years in a row.

Yasmin and Mazen have undergone rigorous training sessions. They flew to Russia, training with coaches who have been 5 times world champions. The Russian federation also came to Lebanon to train them for 5 days. Since our country is a new one in the sport, team Lebanon got an invitation to participate in the European Championship on the 20th of May. They won’t stop here as they will also take part in the World Championship in December.

Best of luck to our Lebanese champions!