Lebanese University championship in Table Tennis Results

08 Dec. 2015 – Amiya KHATTAB and Issam SEIFEDDIN, both from the Faculty of Engineering won the title at the Lebanese University championship (1st division) in Table Tennis, that was held in Hadath.

Amiya was first in the general ranking followed by Joumana JABER and Lilian ABDELKHALLAK from the Faculty of Law, and  finally Sandra ABBAS from the Faculty of Engineering.

On the other hand, Issam was abel to defeat Hassan ISMAIL from the Faculty of Engineering in 2-0 (11-3, 11-4). In the semi-finals, SEIFEDDIN won over Rami MAKKI from the Faculty of Medicine in 2-0 as well while ISMAIL defeated Abdelkader HIDARI from the Faculty od Science in 2-0.

Youssef EL ZEIN, who is the responsible for the Sports Activities at the Lebanese University, supervised the championship. Abdelkarim AL FAKIH, Youssef SAIYED and Dany NAANOUH directed the championship.

Finally, Youssef EL ZEIN distributed the awards, sponsored by Ali SAIYED Company for Sports Equipment, for the winners.