Laura Mouarbes Shines in Figure Skating Competitions Abroad

18 Apr. 2017 – Laura Mouarbes is a Lebanese figure skater who is doing her best to promote this sport in Lebanon. In fact, this sport is not the most famous in our country, as basketball gets the lion’s share of the sponsorships and attention.

Laura took part in two competitions abroad, one in Poland and the other in Germany. In Berlin, the Skate Berlin Adult, was an adult competition in which different countries from around the world we participating. The Lebanese figure skater won first place in the category ‘Ladies Artistic Bronze Young Adults’. As for Poland, in the Lodz Cup 2017, she won the 2nd place but she was participating in the mixed category. In other words, all levels were mixed together and competing against each other.

The journey is far from over for Laura as she has an upcoming competition in France, but she’s still not sure whether or not she will be competing.