LAU Basketball Tournament – Interview with Karl Assi

In the quarter finals of the LAU high school Basketball Tournament, Champville were able to defeat Antonine Ghazir in a very exciting game, that ended 68-66 with a last second winning shot for Champville.

Nevertheless, this game was highlighted by 2 teammates who were left to face each other. Indeed, Karl Assi, the Antonine playmaker, was facing Jad Khalil, his teammate in Champville first division team.

Before the game, we interviewed Karl and here is what he had to say.

First of all Karl, how does it feel to play against Champville?

I have a lot of respect for Champville, but on the court things are different. Each one has to take care of his team’s interests. At the moment I have to represent my school in the best way possible and help my team get to the final.

How far do you think your team is going to get in this tournament?

It is hard to tell how far we are going to get in this tournament. The game today is crucial, and I think the team that will make a quick run at the beginning of the game will win, because the level of the school teams is not that high. I think the game is going to be great to watch, and I hope that we can get to the final like we used to 2 years ago when Mark Korjian was still with the team.

Do you think that Champville and NDL are going to advance to the finals or do you have a different opinion? 

There is a big probability for such a final to take place, since both teams are well prepared. Our team has some good elements but the majority is not well prepared since our school is not one of the leading basketball schools in Lebanon.