The Latest Lebanese Basketball Second Division Results

10 Mar.2017– In the framework of the Lebanese Basketball second division, Feytroun defeated Animation 63-74 as Central defeated the Lebanese Army 75-57.

Amal Bkfaya had a great performance against Anwar and knocked them down with a final score of 85-71. After a close game between Tibnin and Antranik, the latter came up short as they lost 59-64.

In another close game, Amchit were victorious against Mezyara 55-51.

After their tough loss a few days back, Antranik crushed Hoops 80-45 as Amal Bkfaya barely get passed Feytroun 66-70.

Antonine gave their all as they defeated Antoura 108-74 in an open and offensive game as Beit El Kiko defeated Anwar 63-75.