Kassem Kawsan’s Ban Reduced to 1 Month, 5 Teams Revoke the Decision

24 Feb. 2017 – 5 teams of the Lebanese Futsal League gather, after Kassem Kawsan’s ban was reduced to a single month instead of 6. The Kassem Kawsan issue has lately been in the headlines of every futsal news.

In fact, following his incident in the women’s futsal league, Kassem was suspended for 6 months. Following this suspension, the federation decided to reduce it to 2 months instead of 6. However, the federation has recently decided to decrease the ban from 2 months to a single month. After this decision, 5 teams of the Lebanese Futsal League have gathered to revoke this decision. The 5 teams who attended the meeting were the following: Bank of Beirut, Achrafieh Youth Club, Club 1875 (USJ), and AUST. They have also contacted South Sporting to discuss the decision.

Following their meeting, the 5 teams have issued this report:

  1. The teams revoke the decision of the Appeals Committee which reduced the suspension of Kassem Kawsan from 6months to 2 months to later 1 month only. Whereas this committee has applied the laws more harshly with other players. And so, these teams demand that the Committee apply the rules equally on all teams and players. These teams thus revoke how all teams are not treated equally and refuse to turn a blind eye on some teams and players’ behaviors.
  2. These teams also demand that the results of the investigation regarding the tampering of some games’ results be revealed, since the football investigation has been divulged but the futsal investigation has not been revealed yet. And so, they are asking for these results to be revealed before it’s too late lest they take drastic measures.

Finally, these teams are impatiently waiting for a fast reaction of the federation and they will withdraw from the league if the latter does not take the decision they are expecting.