Karim Zeinoun MVP of Both LAU Byblos and Beirut Tournaments

26 Jan. 2017 – Karim Zeinoun, a shining name in the world of Basketball led his school Sagesse High School to grab the gold medal in both LAU Byblos and LAU Beirut tournaments.

Sagesse won all of their games under the supervision of Coach Patrick Saba. The two national team players Charbel Saad and Dany Khoury, alongside MVP Karim Zeinoun, helped their teammates win the championships.

In LAU Beirut tournament they defeated Jamhour 86-73, as for LAU Byblos tournament they faced Sagesse Brasilia in the finals and were able to grab the win.

Finally, Karim Zeinoun was elected as the MVP of both tournaments. He is definitely a great prospect, with couple of great achievements at a very young age.

Article by Jana Chehwan