Jamhour Basketball Tournament – Round 1 & 2 Results!

18 March. 2016 – Jamhour school organized the first and second round of its annual basketball tournament named “2016 Georges Wakim Cup”, with more than 20 schools from all around Lebanon participating.

Here are the results of the rounds:


Saint Joseph School 33-0 Saint Coeur Kfharbab
Lycee AbdelKader 51-22 Louise Weggman
Jamhour 30-17 Lycee Libano-Allemand
Evangelical Louaize 22-12 Saint Gregorios


Lycee Libano-Allemand 55-40 Saint Gregorios
Lycee AbdelKader 71-46 Sahel Alma School
Saint Coeur Kfarhbab 43-32 Antonine Baabda
Jamhour 51-34 Evangelical Louaize
Sagesse High School 43-33 Lycee Libano-Allemand
Saint Joseph School 61-23 Lycee AbdelKader
Saint Coeur Kfarhbab 32-25 Sacre Coeur Gemayzeh