IOC Athlete Career Programme – Establishing your career game plan

27 Jan 2015 – On Monday, January 26, the Lebanese Olympic Committee in coordination with the IOC, organized an IOC Athlete Career Programme event at the Toni Khoury Olympic Museum in Hazmieh, starting from 9 AM and finishing around 3 PM.

The chair of the IOC Athletes Commission Claudia BOKEL from Germany, also a silver medalist in fencing at the Olympic Games and World Champion, with her colleague Pedro Alejandro YOUNG, a member of the IOC Athletes Commission and Badminton Olympian from Guatemala, animated the workshop.

The workshop subject was the athlete’s career transition. How can an athlete prepare his career after sport, what are his interests, his values, his skills, his traits and his vision? Many athletes, coaches, students in sports and education and the LOC members all took part in this interactive workshop.

The workshop started by a video of the London 2012 Olympic Games, followed by a presentation by the two guests who insisted on having precise goals in order to achieve the dream. They also pointed on the fact that the athlete has to do everything in order to achieve his dreams even if there is no one to support him, and even if he faces many obstacles. They also focused on having measurable, reachable, realistic and challenging dreams.

The athletes started by defining their prior interest (in People, or Ideas, or Data or Things). According to their interests, the athletes can see an occupation table of jobs where they can see what job they are interested in. It was followed by defining the most important values for an athlete; if it is Independence and Anatomy, Power, Leadership and Management, Technical Expertise, Lifestyle, Service, Friendship, Security, Challenge and Wealth.

After defining the Interests and Values, the participants had to see what are their skills, and if they think a job needs High skills and High interest, High skills and Low interest, Low skills and High Interest or Low skills and Low interest. A debate was opened on this topic.

They continued by explaining how an athletes is special, is different from normal people by having special traits that can help him in his future occupation or job.

The workshop ended by learning the values of networking, and how important is it for the athletes and the fan. The ambiance in the room was really special; the athletes started to get to know each other, exchanged their contacts and finally they all receive a certificate of participation.