Hurdling and experiencing Norway

08 Feb. 2016 – Getting out of your comfort zone is always positive. That’s what I wanted when I decided to come to Norway and spend 17 days, two weeks training in Oslo and visiting Lillehammer for three days.norway-hurdles

I had to plan my travel for the first time. I’ve been training with Coach Eystein ENOKSEN, a very positive and athletic 70-year-old man! The most loving and kind person I’ve ever met! The team welcomed me as I was a member of their family.

For the first time ever, I was training with another hurdler! It was so far, the best training I’ve ever had, she is only 17 but she is super talented. Her name is Marie. We were competing in training and that’s what I came for!

I came here to basically train and change the atmosphere, but I found a competition that isn’t far from Oslo. So I registered in the 60m flat, 60m hurdles and Long Jump.

I didn’t perform as I expected but it was an amazing experience. I ran the 60m in 8.04, came third in my heat on the first day. Then ran the finals 40min after in 8.13 and came 6th.

The day after I ran the hurdles in the morning, the event I am focusing on, but I waited too long for the gun! I had the worst start ever but managed to take third place with 9.50.

Finally came the long jump after four hours of waiting I did 5.14m. I’m not happy with my performances but I’ve learned with experience that performance will come, all we have to do is being patient.

I experienced a great long jump contest with about 14 girls jumping! There was this African-American girl, who people say that she is the future of long jump in Norway, she did 5 fouls! I saw tears in her eyes, so I went to her and asked her if she knows Brittney REESE. She told me “Yeah why?”, then I told her “Brittney usually do 5 fouls and then she jumps over 7m and win! Just do it!”.

On her last attempt, she did it! She jumped 5.75m and won the contest! I was so happy for her! At the end of the day, you figure out that this world of sport isn’t just about competing and winning, it is all about those unique experiences!

Finally, I would like to conclude with a message that most of the athletes will agree with: We need competitions! We need competition in training, we need more competitions during the season, we need it to improve! If we can’t find it in Lebanon then we can find it elsewhere!

Krystel SANEH