Homenetmen vs Riyadi – Three Confrontations we are Looking for in the Final

15 May. 2017 – The final series of the Lebanese basketball league starts today, between the best two teams in the regular season, Homenetmen and Riyadi.

Throughout the season, both were able to adapt to their squad and capabilities as well as build a necessary chemistry which got them to the last stage of the championship.

Generally speaking, the series look very exciting. But dwelling more into the details, there are some confrontations every fan is waiting for. First, it is great to see two Lebanese coaches lead their teams to the final so coach Joe Moujaes vs coach Ahmad Farran is the first rivalry we will look at. Each one won his home game in the regular season so it is hard to say who fared better so far. Nevertheless, a best of 7 will surely give the fans an answer.

Secondly, the battle of the foreigners will mainly be between Dewayne Jackson and Branco Cvetkovic. Both players are very versatile and can explode on offense. They will surely be defending each other and we’ll have to see who lives up to the expectations. Jackson averaged 21.6 pointsm 5.43 rebounds and 2.36 steals in 33.5 minutes this season while Branco had 16.2 points, 4.52 rebounds and 1.24 steals in 30.4 minutes of game time.

Finally, the confrontation that we all want to see is definitely Fadi El Khatib vs Jean Abdelnour. In the past years, Jean was one of the few if not the only defender to stop Fadi. Despite the loss in the 2nd meeting between both, Jean limited Fadi to just 8 points, knowing that the tiger is averaging 25.8 this season! But, El Khatib is one of the best to ever play the game and he will surely elevate his game furthermore in the finals . Let’s wait and see what each has in store for us!