Homenetmen VS Riyadi: 3 Advantages Every Team Has On The Other-LBL Finals

15 May.2017– It all comes down to this, the final countdown has begun. Homenetmen host Riyadi in a final series that may spark a long-lasting rivalry. Here are 3 reasons that make each team the champion to be.


1-Home court advantage: Mezher has been a fortress all season long, with Homenetmen still undefeated in the orange hell. If Riyadi stand any chance at grabbing the title, they need to steal one there. Easier said than done with hundreds of Homenetmen’s faithfuls cheering them on.

2-Riyadi’s injuries: With Branco probably out, Riyadi’s rotation has shrunk to 7 players, limiting coach Farran’s options. With a game every 2 days, this may take a toll on Riyadi’s players with Ismael Ahmad hitting the 41-year-old mark. On the contrary, Homenetmen can count on a bigger rotation full of hungry youngsters who can take the beating.

3-Kevin Galloway: A walking triple-double that can cause threat anywhere and at any time. Kevin has a clear advantage on any defender. He’s fast, athletic and definitely taller than any PG. With Jean obviously focusing on Fadi, Edgar Sosa has a very tough job holding Kevin down. One on one, it will always be in Kevin’s advantage, with a defender coming over to help, gaps will be created and spaces will follow. Against a great shooting team like Homenetmen, playing zone might be tricky, but gambling may be beneficial.


1- Finals experience: They ‘ve been here many times before, management and players are used to this kind of stress. Handling this stress is half the work. Putting your players in a mentality that suits the situation is crucial. As a club, Riyadi know what to do, what to say, how to deal with their players. As for Homenetmen, they reach the final for the first time in their history, same as their coach and many of their players. It’s now that you put yourself to the test and know your mettle.

2- Riyadi the Underdogs: Going into a series Riyadi always seem to have the upper hand as if we know the outcome of every game. Not today, Riyadi enter this final series seemingly the weaker team. A thing that may come in handy. This will surely relief the pressure of their players and focus more on the court. Losing a game in the series will not pile up more criticism and pressure, instead, we might say it was expected. On the other hand, Homenetmen’s incredible run this season makes them the favorites, but will this break them? Can their youngsters and coach hold everything together?

3- Ali Haidar: A beast on both ends of the court. He’s the guy that can step back and knock down the three as well as playing the post. The best Lebanese block shoter, and definitely one of the defenders in the league. He will cause Homentmen a lot of problems, Jackson defending him seems a bad idea as he can not contain him down low. He can spread the defense, create spaces for Sosa and Amir to operate as well as playing the high-low with Aminu. Let’s wait and see how can coach Joe’s defensive brilliance stop Haidar.