Homenetmen Defeat Riyadi Away from Home to Grab 1-0 Lead in the Series!

09 May. 2016 – The first game in the series between Homenetmen & Riyadi was taking place in Manara and the visitors were able to defeat the home team 86-72!


Perfect ball movement and tough defense were key in Homenetmen’s game today to let them take the 1-0 lead in the series and also steal home court advantage from the yellows!

The Riyadi team we saw today was not the one we were used to, they were too slow on defense and couldn’t stop Dwayne Jackson from exploding with the help of Ahmad Ibrahim, Nadim Souaid and Norvel Pelle who all had good game! Kevin Galloway on the other was not able to impress and he will have to step up his game to help his team more!

Game 2 is on Thursday in Mezher, Riyadi will need a win to level the series while Homenetmen will try and deny them in front of the orange fans!