The Hero of the Lebanese Basketball Final so Far!

19 May. 2017 – With two games played so far in the Lebanese basketball finals, we have seen some players up their game while others are still far from their best. Homenetmen is currently leading 2-0, yet Riyadi will now have a much bigger chance of coming back to defend their title as the orange team lost its star player Fadi El Khatib.

But, the turning point in this series was the energetic Elie Chamoun. The young shooter has come off the bench in both games, and twice his impact was felt. Elie is not a player who requires the ball a lot, yet his off the ball movement is excellent. He scored 2 out 3 three points in game 1 and 3 out of 6 in the second game, which leaves him above 50% from the arc! Throughout this season, the youngster has shaped into the most reliable shooter in this league.

Nevertheless, his shot is not all. His energy and hustle are incredible. The defensive effort he puts, no matter his matchup makes it very tough on any opponent to get the ball or have some freedom.

Great positioning to hit the open shots, terrific defense, hustling on every possession, Chamoun is no doubt coach Joe’s most lethal weapon off the bench. Every year he seems to get better and playing more minutes is just a reward for his hard work.

With that show in the semi finals and finals, Elie will now be looked at twice by every team. He will surely get a lot of offers going into next year and most importantly, his chances of making the national team are as high as can be.

We can only salute Chamoun’s effort. Hard work and dedication got him to where he is today and he will only get better with time and training. Good luck to him, Homenetmen and Riyadi in the remaining games!