HARB and HOSMI Lebanese Juniors Table Tennis Champions

31  Aug. 2015 – The Lebanese Table Tennis Age Group Championship, organized by the Lebanese Table Tennis Federation, was held in Mont La Salle, for the Men and Women under 21 (Juniors).

In the men’s category, Ahmad Moustafa HARB (Baraem Nabatiye) won the Semi-Finals over Elie Joe ABDELNOUR (Antranik Beirut) in three sets to zero. On the other hand, Habib ANTOUN (Mont La Salle) won over Hicham AL TAWIL (Antranik Beirut) in three sets in the second semi-final of this category.

Finally, the winners of both Semis, Ahmad Moustafa HARB and Habib ANTOUN faced each other in the finals, where HARB wdefeated ANTOUN in three sets: 11-7, 16-14, 11-5.

In the women’s, Patricia HOMSI (CSJ) eon over Melissa SABER (Sports and Education – Kfarchima) in 3/0. While Micheline HANNA (Sports and Education – Kfarchima) won against Nina MARKIRIAN (CHABEB EL FOUAR) in 3/0.

In the final, Patricia HOMSI defeated Micheline HANNA in three sets to win the Lebanese Juniors Table Tennis title with Ahmad Moustfa HARB for the men’s.