What is happening in Fouad Chehab Stadium?

28 Nov. 2014- If you’ve visited Jounieh lately you can notice the change in the football stadium supporters’ seats of Fouad Chehab. When you turn around the complex you can also see an under construction area. After seeing the changes happening, we were really surprised and curious to know what is going on, that’s why we payed a visit to Mr. Esper Zouein who welcomed us and gave us an idea about what is really happening in Fouad Chehab!

Picture of the Fouad Chehab's football field.

Picture of the Fouad Chehab’s football field.

Fouad Chehab sports complex is one of the oldest in Lebanon, it was constructed after the Lebanese former president Fouad Chehab took the decision of creating a sports complex that meets the passion of the Lebanese youth generation. In 1964 the sports complex in Jounieh was ready to welcome more than 7500 supports in its outside football court and 2500 to 3000 supporters in its indoor courts with a parking space of 1500 cars.

50 years passed and no serious attention was payed to take care of this stadium and keep it alive. The stadium was falling and starting to be considered as a part of Jounieh’s history!

UNTIL lately things have changed and a new vision showed up, Mr. Zouein explained to us the new vision and the changes taking place in the stadium. “We are working on renovating everything, building new courts and creating a safe parking to our visitors ” – Mr. Zouein said.

The outside part of the complex saw the renovation of the athletics field and the painting job left to be ready, the athletics’ federation showed interest in this field, anyone is invited to run in this field from 6:00 A.M till 12:00 P.M. The outside seats were also renovated with a good design using the red, green and yellow, the seats design welcomes you to Jounieh with the word “Fouad Chehab Complex” in Arabic.


Mini Football court under construction

This is not all for outdoors’ changes! A mini football court is under construction, “we need to attract more youth to our complex and mini football is popular among our young generation.” – Mr. Zouein explained the reason of building  this court and he also clarified that this court will be build on high standards using a 6cm Gazon floor. On the other hand Zouein told us about their future plans of building a tennis and pethanque courts.


Fouad Chehab Basketball court!

As for the basketball indoor court a whole renovation was done from the supporters seats to the court floor that was painted following Tadamon‘s Basketball team colors.  This court will welcome division 1 Tadamon’s basketball team during the upcoming 2014-2015 season as a step to brought back the glory to the complex.

The complex now is open to different type of sports from Football, mini football, basketball, volleyball and we will add to this tennis and pethanque in the near future.

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