Hadath’s Independence Race results!

23 Nov. 2015- The Municipality of Hadath organized its annual Marathon in the occasion of the Independence Day!

This year’s Marathon was a success. Schools, families, friends, and runners from all ages, participated today in the 3.5 km race.

Some took the Marathon as a serious competition and aimed to take place on the podium; while others were there to have fun and enjoy their times. In both cases, they managed to run from all their hearts to finish the race although the course was challenging (stiff uphills and downhills).

The President of the Municipality, Mr. Georges Aoun, offered the trophies to the first to arrive from each category.

The results came as following:

01. Adwan Choufene
02. Ali Berjaoui
03. Abdo Helou
04. Imad Jezzine
05. Hady Zaater
06. Charbel hanna
07. Kevin Zoghbi
08. Ibrahim Haydar
09. Chamoun Mouannes

01. Mary jo Kfoury
02. Joy Feghaly
03. Stephanie Berbere
04. Nour Zaater
05. Mireille Matar
06. Rajaa Eid
07. Amal Eid

Article by: Tamara Awada