Guess The Athlete – Tristar Gym Lebanon: Marcelino Saade meets Georges Eid

In addition to the “Guess the Athlete” contest by Sports 961, Tristar Gym Lebanon wanted to meet and award another fan a Georges “Buldozer” Eid, Mind Spike shirt.

Tristar Gym Lebanon, invited a mixed martial arts fan and a fan of their professional team, Marcelino Saade, to spend a few hours at their gym where he can take part of the fighter’s training and get to meet all of them.

Marcelino suffers from a walking disability, however, he looked in no physical challenge at all, especially once he met his favorite fighter, Georges “Buldozer” Eid. The two spent a lot of time together talking about mixed martial arts, with Georges Eid sharing his own Mind Spike “Buldozer” rash guard shirt with Marcelino and inviting him to give visits more often and at will.


Marcelino Saade & Georges Eid at Tristar Gym.

The team’s consensus about Marcelino is that he is full of life and an energy booster at the gym, making what he is going through seem like no trouble at all.