Georges EID grabs bronze medal at the 2015 World WUSHU Championship!

18 Nov. 2015- Lebanon was represented by 12 athletes in the 2015 World Wushu Championships competing in Sanda and Taolu.

Georges EID made an achievement by grabbing a bronze medal in the sanda’s 75 Kg category after reaching the semifinals. Georges defeated Domenico STABILE from Italy in the quarterfinals 2-0 but lost Geo Freg FU from China in the semifinals 0-2 to secure the only medal for Lebanon in the championship.

Elie EL RAYES made it to the quarterfinals after defeating Logan Angus DEMMIUGS from Canada 2-0 (in the round of 16). Unfortunately, Elie lost against Ali ABULKHALIKOV 0-2.

The other athletes made a great effort but couldn’t match the high level of competition and lost from the first game.

We would like to thank all the athletes for representing Lebanon!