Georges Eid defeats the Chinese in “Wushu Master Challenge”

19 Aug. 2016 – Georges Eid wins the “Wushu Master Challenge” organized by the Sports Committee of Macau, China with the participation of top level champions in the sport of Kung Fu Wushu (Sanda).

The Lebanese delegation consisted of the two players Bahzad Karam and Georges Eid accompanied by the president of the federation Dr. Georges Nseir. Georges Eid showed an amazing level beating the Chinese champion Lin Lin Dee after 4 rounds. However, Karam was defeated by the Chinese athlete Li Jong Long in the final after a tough fight that resulted in him getting the silver medal.

Following his performance, Eid got a warm welcome from his family and friends who were waiting for him at the airport as soon as he landed in Lebanon.

Congrats to our Lebanese champions!

Article by: Ghina Chehwan