These are the games lost by Sagesse against 2 foreign players – Lebanese Basketball

13 May. 2016- Sagesse are looking so strong and different in the semifinals securing the lead of their series against Mouttahed 2-0. The 3rd game of the series will be held today in Safadi Stadium, Tripoli at 17:45 with the absence of Mike TAYLOR, who might miss the game due to internal problems. In this case Mouttahed will be forced to play the game with 2 foreign players and do their best to snatch a win on their home court.

In fact Sagesse lost to Mouttahed with the absence of  Mike TAYLOR on the 16th of April. The game was close and Mouttahed snatched the win by 2 points 88-86.

Sagesse also lost 2 other games this season while facing a team with 2 foreign players:

Champville were able to defeat Sagesse on the 26th of February playing without Marcus BANKS by 4 points. Champville 93-89 Sagesse.

Sagesse lost to Byblos on the 5th of March by a big difference of 20 points despite playing against 2 foreign players. Sagesse 63-83 Byblos.

Well that was a glimpse of the green castle’s loss this season against 2 foreign players, Can Mouttahed do it again and win the game without the efforts of TAYLOR? Or Sagesse will extend the lead to 3-0?