Why was Game 5 Between Mayadeen & BoB Stopped and Postponed?!

16 April. 2016 – While the 5th and final game in the Lebanese futsal final was raging between Mayadeen & Bank of Beirut, a common trend in our sport courts happened, causing the referees to stop and postpone the game!

Indeed, protest from Bank of Beirut against a decision echoed through the court as the fans also became agitated as the game was very tense with Mayadeen leading 2-1, around 10 minutes from the end. Calm had to be restored and the referee wanted all fans out of the stadium in order to continue the game, but it was hard to restore order and thus the decision to postpone the game until tomorrow was taken!

Stopping the game at such a crucial time and with the players fully focused is very bad, as this decision may be turned into an advantage for one of the teams. Mayadeen will be looking forward to reorganize in order to maintain the lead, while Bank of Beirut will have to muster enough motivation to get back into the game!

More details from the federation are to be released soon.