Football National Team Training for the World Cup and Asian Qualifications

01 Mar. 2016Our football National Team are preparing for the World Cup and Asian Qualification. Their weekly training sessions are being held in the Municipality stadium in Beirut where Coach Radulović who called thirteen players to attend this physical session.

The training will start every Tuesday at 10:30 AM but will exclude the Aahed and Tripoli players who are taking part in the Asian World Cup.

The players who are taking part in this training session are the following: Ahmad TAKTOUK, Youssef MOHAMAD, Mutaz Bellah AL JUNDI, Mohamad ZEIN TAHAN, Hassan OMRI, Mahmoud Ahmad KAJAK, Ahmad KALOUL, Ghazi HANINI, Mohamad HAYDAR, Abbas ATOUI, Omar AL KARDI and Mahmoud SALINI.

The second session was held today and the third session will be on the 8th of March. The technical committee of the national team will then set the new schedule of training in preparation for two important games: one against South Korea on the 24th of March and the second one will be held on the 29th against Myanmar, that are part of the qualifications for the World and Asian Cup.