Football: Draw between Lebanon and Brazil Olympic team

The long awaited match between Lebanon and the Brazilian Olympic football team was held tonight in Doha, Qatar. After defeating Qatar (4-0) and Palestine (3-0) the Brazilian team was looking for another win.

The Brazilians took advantage 0f the lack of concentration from the Lebanese players in the first minutes of the game, to score an early goal! Nevertheless, no dominance was installed by the Brazilian team throughout the game, since the Lebanese players were always lurking near the Brazilian box. Our national team players were fighting hard and finding their way to Brazil’s goal, until finally, Mohammad Ghaddar with an amazing effort scored the equalizing goal in the first half’s stoppage time.

In the second half the Brazilian players struggled against a strong performance of our national team. Later on, Lebanese player Hassan Maatouk found his way to Brazil’s goal and scored Lebanon’s 2nd goal of the game! Our players were looking for more goals as Hassan Maatouk scored a third goal that was unfortunately cancelled by the referee due to offside. Near the end, Brazil’s players scored a controversial late equalizer to end the game with a draw.

It is such a shame to see the win taken away from Lebanon by a controversial referee decision, but nevertheless, the Lebanese football NT made us all proud.