First Lebanese Basketball Team for the Deaf in Lebanon

26 Jan. 2017 – Marc Costantin is a young man who came up with a great idea; form the first deaf basketball team in Lebanon. With his great initiative, he is showing that nothing can stop disabled athletes from competing.

Marc used his disability to create an inclusion for the deaf people in society through sports. ALFA believed in his idea and decided to support the initiative. Sarkis Korjian, who coached the National team back in 1998 and 2002, will be the head coach of this new team. They held try outs on Monday and Wednesday under the supervision of the coach.

“The dream of having a deaf basketball team in Lebanon has finally started”, said Marc in a video where he invited everyone to the try outs. He also said that “first, I call the players to come and play because we have a strong coach who will pick the best, second, it is about training, and third it is about competition!”

Moreover, to form the ideal team, they decided to go to deaf schools to look for young and fresh talents to join the team. The team now includes 18 players and their target is to create harmony within the team and be able to compete in the league 4 to 5 years from now.

They will have friendly games against the 5th and 4th division basketball teams as soon as the team is finally formed.

Marc’s idea goes beyond sports competition. It is a way for the disabled athletes, specifically the deaf, to bend in the society through sports. This idea should be applied to all kind of disabilities to change the people’s perspective on disabled people.