Fencing National team to France and Italy

Our Lebanese  fencing national team is heading to Chiavari Italy, to participate in the Mediterranean fencing Championship and is expected to deliver good results despite the strong competition awaiting! The Lebanese delegation contains 5 lebanese fencers; Dominique Tannous, Malak Chaito, Anthony Choueiry, Rami Gherra and Rami Baydoun; along with the national coach Simone Pince and the president of the Lebanese fencing federation Ziad Choueiry.

Also, the U-15 girls of Mont La Salle and the Lebanese national team girls are heading to Paris, to participate in the Paris Fencing championship. The team contains 3 girls: Nay Salameh, Lea Khairallah and Mary-Joe Abou Jaoude. Its the first participation for our talented team and good results are expected from the girls who already won the Arabs and West Asian championships. The team will be supervised by coach Julian Santander.