Fadi El Khatib vs All the Imports of the League in Numbers

17 Mar. 2017 – Fadi El Khatib, a name that speaks for itself. The Tiger is undoubtedly the best Lebanese player who had ever played this game, and his stats, achievement and trophies can talk about him on both national and international levels.

Fadi El Khatib is shining as usual among the 30 imports of our leaugue.

In fact, Terrel Stoglin, Dewayne Jackson and Emmanuel Jones are the only imports ahead of the Tiger with 33.6, 25.6 and 24.8 points respectively.

As for the NT’s Captain, he’s averaging 24.5 per game, 6 rebounds and 3 assists, with the highest 3 points percentage 48.8%. It’s worth mentioning that the Tiger was chosen in the best lineup of Asia, and the MVP of Dubai tournament. He always brings his A game, and helps his team bring the win no matter what it takes, putting work on both sides of the court, like he’s still in his early 20’s. He is definitely a phenomenon that will not be repeated.

Will the 13 times champion make history with Homenetmen and add another record to his long list of awards?

It’s always an honor to see our Lebanese players shining among the best imports of the league.

Finally here are the stats of the imports of our League:


  • Jay Youngblood: 22.6 ppg
  • Clay Tucker: 17.2 ppg
  • Ndudi Ebi : 22.2 ppg



  • Darian Townes: 17 ppg
  • Patrick Rembert: 24.3 ppg
  • Brandon Thomas: 18.1 ppg



  • Ater Majok: 11.9 ppg, 11.3 rpg, 0.93 apg
  • Dewayne Jackson: 25.6 ppg, 6.06 rpg, 3.31 apg
  • Kevin Galloway: 11.7 ppg, 8 rpg, 8 apg



  • Omar Thomas: 20.1 ppg
  • Vladan Vukosavljevic: 13.5 ppg
  • Antonio Haymon: 13.8 ppg



  • Geron Johnson: 24 ppg
  • Travis Mckie: 17.3 ppg
  • Wendell Lewis: 15.9 ppg



  • Robert Upshaw: 19.4 ppg
  • Emmanuel Jones 24.8 ppg
  • Calvin Cage 18.4 ppg



  • Dewarick Spenser: 23.6ppg
  • Cleveland Melvin: 21.8 ppg
  • Ramel Curry: 16.3 ppg



  • Alade Aminu: 16.9 ppg
  • Ken Brown: 12.2 ppg
  • Branco Cvetkovic: 15.9 ppg



  • Terrel Stoglin: 33.6 ppg
  • Michael Efevberha: 21.6 ppg
  • Calvin Godfrey: 17.3 ppg



  • Maurice Kemp: 23.2 ppg
  • MJ Reht: 15.1 ppg
  • Earvin Morris: 23.2 ppg