ESGB Visited Val Pere Jacques for 2 Friendly Basketball Games

30 Nov. 2015 – ESGB’s boys and girls basketball teams visited Val Pere Jacques in Bkennaya on the 27th of November, in order to play two friendly games against the home team.

First, in the boys game, ESGB fell to a 45-21 defeat despite a great effort and attitude in the game. Many players scored points for the losing team, with Jean Pierre Valvayan scoring 5, Georges Hajj Moussa and Bechara Azar 4 points each, Michel Sallit 3 points and Vladimir Maalouf 2.

On the other hand, the girls team managed to defeat Val’s team with a final score of 30-20. In that game, Christelle Gerges, Marie Jose Moussa and Mariella Bou Habib got the winning team off to a quick start and scored 4 baskets each in the game. Moreover, Iman Chaccour and Rita Maria Bou Habib combined for 6 block shots, whereas Nelly Abdo and Rima Beano added 5 assists.


Article & pictures by: Joanna Taoum