The Dubai International Basketball Tournament Schedule 2017

14 Feb.2017- With 3 Lebanese teams Riyadi, Sagesse and Homenetmen participating in the Dubai International Basketball Tournament 2017, the Lebanese crowd was eagerly awaiting the schedule so they watch and support their team.

Ahli withdrew from the tournament and the organizers updated the schedule.

Below is the updated schedule for the upcoming game (Beirut Time):

Friday 17/02:
Sagesse VS Ball Above All    15:00
Riyadi VS Egypt         17:00

Saturday 18/02:
Homenetmen VS Riyadi         17:00

Sunday 19/02:
Homenetmen VS Ball Above All       15:00
Riyadi VS Sala    17:00

Monday 20/02:
Riyadi VS Sagesse       17:00
Homenetmen VS Sala   19:00

Tuesday 21/02:
Riyadi VS Ball Above All        15:00
Sagesse VS Egypt         17:00
Homenetmen VS Mighty Sports 19:00

Wednesday 22/02:
Sagesse VS Sala         15:00
Homenetmen VS Egypt        17:00
Riyadi VS Mighty Sports 19:00

Thursday 23/02:
Homenetmen VS Sagesse        17:00

We wish Sagesse, Homenetmen, and Riyadi the best of luck, hoping to witness a Lebanese final.