Dory FAKHOURY won the UL Chess Spring Championship

31 Mar. 2016 – Dory FAKHOURY from the Faculty of science won the UL Chess Spring Championship organized by the Lebanese University under the supervision of the international referee Elie KHAIRALLAH.

FAKHOURY managed to collect 4/4 points while Georges TABATATZI from the faculty of arts was able to collect 3/4 points to take second place. Wissam HOBEICH collected 2.5/4 points to finish in third place.

On the other hand, for the Lebanese University’s 65th anniversary, a Table Tennis championship will start this Sunday at 10:00 AM in Nabatiye.

Moreover, a basketball and mini football day will be held next week, on Wednesday, in the faculty of Health.

In the basketball tournament, the technology department won over LIU in 49-38 points. In Nabatiye, the Business facutly defeated AUCE in an amity mini football game that ended in 6-3.