Desert Force 13: Georges Eid and Mohammad Fakhreddine in an Epic Matchup

Desert Force, considered the top Middle Eastern MMA event that aims to produce MMA champions through bringing the top talents of the region to fight against each other, is upon our doors.

Indeed, the event in its 13th edition, is scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi on August 25, and will be aired live on MBC action.

The excitement is growing day after day in anticipation of the event, with one of the most anticipated fights set to take place. Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine and Georges “Bulldozer” Eid are going to face each other in a co-main event. The 2 fighters are one of the best in the Middle East, having already proven themselves, and are known as fearless and reluctant on ever giving up.

Another interesting fact is that they are both Lebanese, which is not very frequent and has rarely been seen before for the reason that these games are heavily tainted with patriotism and the competition is considered as one country against another. They also have the same sponsor, “Mind Spike”. Mind spike is a new MMA brand, strongly making its debut in the region with a mission of supporting regional talents.

This match is going to be epic and is a must watch for everyone. Those talents deserve our full support!