Cross country results of the 5th USJ Interscholastic Games

20 Feb. 2016- The cross country competition at the 5th Interscholastic Games came to an end today with Joseph JBEILY from Val Pere Jacques winning the men’s title and Michelle BOU EID from Jamhour winning the women’should title.

The results of the men category came as following:

01. Joseph JBEILY  (Val Pere Jacques)

02. Wajih Georges TAYAR (Jamhour)

03. Charbel MERHEB (Antonine Baabda)

As for the women’s category, the results came as following:

01. Michelle BOU EID  (Jamhour)

02. Yasmina FAKHRY  (Jamhour)

03. Serena SEMAAN  (Jamhour)