What did Conor McGregor Ask For in Order to Face Floyd Mayweather?

17 Nov. 2016 – The first fighter to ever hold 2 UFC titles and one of the most dominant athletes alive, Conor McGregor has asked for 100 million dollars in order to face the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather under boxing rules.

Mayweather had previously stated that comparing him to Conor would be disrespectful as he considers himself and his achievements much superior.

Knowing the temperament of McGregor, a quick response from the UFC champion who stated that Floyd is no real fighter and that he would easily beat him in a true fight. He also continued by stating that should Mayweather be afraid of a real fight, then he wants 100 million dollars to fight him under boxing rules.

A match between both would surely be one of the most exciting ever, so let’s hope it will be set up!