CO League Mini Football – Sports Mania

 17 Mar. 2016 – The CO League Mini Football, organized by Sports Mania, just started and is taking place in Motion Club Kaslik, with the participation of 16 Lebanese teams.

The Championship is supported by Castrol and includes the following corporate teams: RGH Holding, PWC, Touch, Credit Libanais, Leader Press, Credit Bank, Kettaneh, Bank Libano-Francais, Union Algorithm, Byblos Bank, Maptiko, SGBL, Global com, Mouawad library, Nike, and Mitsulift.

In the first week of the tournament, RGH Holding was able to defeat  Union Algorithm in 5-2 while Kettaneh was able to win over SGBL in 5-1!

Moreover, Credit Bank defeated Mouawad Libary in 8-1 and Maptiko won over Leader Press in 11-1! PWC won over Libano-Francais in 6-5, Touch defeated Nike in 11-5 and finally Byblos Bank won over Mitsulift!