CO League Basketball Round 4 and 5 by Sports Mania

18 Mar. 2016 – The 3rd Lebanese Corporate league organized by Sports Mania continues with a great challenge between the teams! The tournament is being held under the supervision of the Lebanese Basketball Federation and with the support of Medco.

Sports Mania also launched few days before the Mini Football corporate tournament where 16 companies are taking part in it. 12 Banks are participating in the Basketball tournament: BDL, BLOM bank, BIT, Credits Libanais, Byblos Bank, SGBL, Bankmed, BLC, Fransabank, FFA Private Bank, Credit Bank and Banque Libano-Francais.

In the fourth round of the tournament, BDL won over Credit Bank in 59-40 points while Credit Libanais won over BLOM bank in 64-50 pts. BIT lost to SGBL in 33-64 points while BLC defeated Bank Byblos in 65-56 points. Fransabank defeated Bankmed in 64-37 and finally FFA Private Bank lost to Libano-Francais in 58-51 points.

In the fifth round, Credit Libanais won over BDL in 57-36, Fransabank defeated BLC in 80-47, FFA Private Bank won over Credit Bank in 58-32, Bankmed won against BIT in 76-74, SGBL won over Bank Byblos in 62-58 and finally, BLOM Bank defeated Libano-Francais in 75-31.

Credit Libanais and Fransabank are now ranked first overall with 5 consecutive wins and zero loss! BDL and BLOM bank are sharing the third place with 4 wins and 1 loss.

After three weeks of competition, another three weeks of excitement awaits the teams. The first 8 teams will qualify for the second round!

Good Luck!