Closing of the 2nd Interscholastic Games of ULF

04 Mar. 2016 – The 2nd Interscholastic Games of the Université Libano-Française (ULF), Dik el Mehdi Campus, Metn, were concluded after 4 weeks of competition.

21 private and public schools competed in Futsal, Basketball and Table Tennis (Men and Women), under the vigilant eye of numerous referees:

Beit Chabab Official School ; Besançon – Baabdath ; Cedars High School – Sabtieh ; Collège Central – Jounieh ; Collège de la Sagesse – Saint-Jean – Brasilia ; Collège du Rosaire – Mountazah ; Collège Elysée – Hazmieh ; Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura ; Dhour Shweir Public Secondary School ; Ecole des Sœurs du Rosaire – Kornet El Hamra ; Ecole Sainte Rita – Dbayeh ; Ecole Val Père Jacques – Bkennaya, Jal el Dib ; Lycée de Ville – Adonis ; Lycée Libano-Allemand – Jounieh ; Lycée Officiel Jamil Lahoud – Baabdath ; Lycée Saint Joseph des Filles de la Charité – Zouk Mikael ; Mitas Institute – Dik el Mehdi ; Montana International College – Dik el Mehdi ; Notre Dame de Louaϊzé – Zouk Mosbeh ; Saint Joseph School – Cornet Chahwan ; Sainte Famille Française – Jounieh.

Following the huge success of the First Edition in 2015, this Year’s Tournament was bursting with excitement, sportsmanship and good mood. The Final was magnificent with full-of-suspense matches and an audience that was engaged untill the very end.

The final results were as follows:

Basketball Men       

Collège de la Sagesse – Saint-Jean – Brasilia 35-32 Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura

Basketball Women 

Sainte Famille Française – Jounieh 24-14 Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura

Futsal Men               

Notre Dame de Louaϊzé – Zouk Mosbeh 3-2 Ecole Sainte Rita – Dbayeh

Futsal Women                     

Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura 5-2 Montana International College – Dik el Mehdi

 Table Tennis                       

Karim Slaiby, Lycée Libano-Allemand – Jounieh 3-1 Luigi Chami, Lycée Saint Joseph des Filles de la Charité – Zouk Mikael


MVP Category

MVP Basketball Men             Wassim Mouawad                 Ecole Sainte Rita – Dbayeh

MVP Basketball Women      Joanne Habib                         Sainte Famille Française – Jounieh

MVP Futsal Men                   Maroun Tekle                         Ecole Sainte Rita – Dbayeh

MVP Futsal Women             Thea Touma                           Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura


Fair Play Team Category

Fair Play Team Basketball Men                                             Collège de la Sagesse – Saint-Jean – Brasilia

Fair Play Team Basketball Women                                       Sainte Famille Française – Jounieh

Fair Play Team Futsal Men                                                    Lycée Officiel Jamil Lahoud – Baabdath

Fair Play Team Futsal Women                                              Montana International College – Dik el Mehdi


Dr. Joseph Semaan, Vice-President of ULF and Director of the Metn Campus, thanked in his speech all participating schools, saluted the energy of the strong crowd present, while emphasizing the role and importance of Sport in Education.

The closing ceremony, punctuated by the presence of ULF’s President, Dr. Mohamad Salhab, was crowned with the distribution of cups, medals and trophies, followed by a Vin d’Honneur.

A friendly Futsal match between ULF Metn’s sports team and a selection of artists and media celebrities took place during the Final and ended with a 3-3 tie.