Chirine Njeim ran the Chicago Half Marathon in a record time prior to Rio Olympics!

17 Jul. 2016 – Many athletes who participated at the European Championship more than a week ago, took part in the half marathon in preparation for the Olympic Marathon race in Rio de Janeiro in August.

Chirine Njeim just ran the Chicago half marathon in an unofficial time of 1:17:00. With the two hours forty four minutes on the 42km, it was clear that she was capable to lower her time on the half marathon knowing that the half marathon split during her marathon run was around 1 hours 19 minutes.

The previous Half Marathon Lebanese record is for Maria Pia Nehme with 1:18:45. But in this case it is more a preparation for the Marathon and for the Olympic Games than chasing Lebanese records.


If we look closely to her split times, her 5km is 17:50 while the National record on this distance (5000m on track)  is 17:07.99, on the 10km, she clocked 36 minutes while the record is 36:55.42 on track as well.

We wish her the best preparation for Rio, and we should note that the Marathon race is scheduled for the 14th of August 2016!