Check Out Houssam Eddine Al Hariri’s Championship Schedule

19 Oct. 2016- On October 24th, the 26th edition of Houssam Eddine Al Hariri basketball tournament is going to start with 8 teams competing for gold.

Four Lebanese teams, Homenetmen, Byblos, Riyadi & Hoops will play alongside four foreign teams, Mina, Sala, Najm Al Sahili and Moujama Petroli.

Group A : 

  • Riyadi
  • Hoops
  • Mina Club
  • Sala

Group B:

  • Najm Al Sahili
  • Homentmen
  • Moujama Petroli
  • Byblos

A great level of basketball is expected in that tournament as the teams are all strong and eager to win. Here’s the competition’s schedule: