Champville Grab the Win in the First Game of the Lebanese Basketball League

27 Nov. 2016 – The Lebanese Basketball League kicked off today and we’re in for a promising season this year. Champville were up against Riyadi in a game that ended 83-70 in favor of Ghassan Sarkis’ men.

The reigning champions could not manage to take lead once in the game as Champville imposed their pace right from the beginning of the game. They took the lead early on and never let go of it. After a hard fought first half, Champville managed go into the half time with a 4 point lead: 38-34.

In the second half, Riyadi Club vainly tried to get back in the game. They were able to close the gap but could not take the lead. Champville players showed great skills and performances with youngsters Karl Assi and Youssef Ghantous playing their hearts out. Mazen Mneimneh shone and gave his team and offensive edge due to his offensive rebounds while Brandon Thomas was, without the shadow of a doubt, the best player in his team.

Arakji and his teammates could not keep up with Champville as they missed way too many shots. Despite closing the gap in the last few minutes, they could not find their tempo and failed to turn the table around in their favor, thus enduring a first loss in their first game of the season.

The title holders fell to their first defeat as Champville prove they are to be feared this season.