Chahe Yerevanian to Organize a Once in a Lifetime Event

24 Mar. 2017 – After the huge success of the combat sports event “Phoenix – 1” in the games of Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) and “Muay Thai”, as the most renowned world champions have participated therein, which was organized by the “Phoenix Fighting Championship” in last December, preparations have begun to establish the “Phoenix- 2” event in the Muay Thai game that will occur on April 29 in the “Nihad Noufal Complex for Sports and Theater “at Zouk Mikael; sponsored by the Minister of Tourism Avedis Kidanian; as a step in which the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the “Phoenix Fighting Championship”, the Businessman Chahe Yerevanian, wants to make Lebanon an unchallenged center for combat games in the Middle East; since the Lebanese people adore this type of sports.

Yerevanian works these days on preparing for this international competition. Having achieved great success in the real estate field, in which he is currently developing and improving the possibilities of the “SAYFCO” Real Estate Company, he sets his sights on organizing contests and championships that gather the world champions in order to make Lebanon, the homeland of rice, the center of attention of all those working in the combat sports in the world. Yerevanian said with great confidence and remarkable calmness: “We won the bet in the Phoneix-1 contest; as Lebanon has witnessed international fights that have been completely admired by thousands of Lebanese citizens, who have attended the contest inside the stadium, and also by millions, who watched it through the television screen; as this contest was broadcasted live. Phoneix-2 will be the largest global event in the Muay Thai game; one that has never been seen before in history, where 20 fighters from more than ten nationalities including ten world champions will participate in.” Yerevanian added: “The World Muay Thai Council (WMC), which is the highest Muay Thai authority in the world, will oversee the contest; provided that the Board Vice-Chairman and Secretary General of the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur (IFMA), Stefan Fox, will be present in the contest; as proof of the importance of this event which stole the spotlights.” Yerevanian, who has previously supported and is still supporting sports, from basketball to marathon to athletics to the Self-Defense Arts Festival, which was held a year and a half ago in Beirut, continued: “The fighters will compete for two World Championship belts, two Intercontinental belts and three belts for the title of “Phoenix Fighting Championship.” This event will be the largest global event in Muay Thai and I am proud of the work that I do, especially since this international event will not be in Thailand (Muay Thai’s lair), but in Lebanon, the homeland of rice. Preparations have begun by me and my team consisting of my Deputy Louay Kiblawi and the Operations Director Serge Saad with the Lebanese Muay Thai Federation headed by Samy Kiblawi and all the committees. I would like to call on all the self-defense federations and combat federations to work for the success of this great international event because it concerns us all, without exception.” Yerevanian revealed that the sports event’s budget is approximately one million dollars, stressing that the aim is not commercial at all, saying: “I am confident that the Lebanese audience will eagerly attend these fights; especially that the participants at a high level and are the most popular in the world and among them are Lebanese players. A single arena will be built at the head of the participants the Thai Sun Shay, the French Aziz Hilali, the Peruvian Antonin Shevchenko, the Swedish Iza Keshikangas, the Lebanese Kassem Daher, Mohammad Al-Gharbi, Ahmed Al-Laban, and Ziad Sinno, the British David Wilmot, the Dutch Wendell Roche, the American Stefan Banks, the Egyptian Ahmed Ibrahim, and the Jordanian Muhannad Silawi.” Yerevanian continued: “I will hold a press conference next April declaring the date later on to announce all the details concerning this major sport event, and I would like to thank the Minister of Tourism Avedis Kidanian for sponsoring this contest, and I would also like to thank the press and the media for their coverage of the ” Phoenix Fighting Championship” news. In answer to the question of whether Yerevanian aspires to assume the position of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the future, he replied with a laugh: “I have the right to dream and this is linked to a number of matters and circumstances and I will serve sport from any location I am in”. And regarding the cancellation of the Mixed Martial Arts game by Minister of Youth and Sports Muhammad Fneish, Yerevaian replied: “I’m negotiating with the Ministry to return the game under certain conditions while establishing legal controls for it.”