Chahe Yerevanian – A Man Whose Ambitions Know no Limits

21 Apr. 2017 – The Phoenix 2 Muay Thai Championship has officially been announced in a crowded press conference held by Chahe Yerevanian, President of Phoenix Fighting Championship, the group who is organizing the event. It will take place at the Nohad Nawfal Stadium in Zouk Michael. Besides, it will be supported by the Ministry of Tourism.

Journalist Khaled Moujaes went up first and spoke about the development of martial arts in the world and in Lebanon, especially in the past few years. He underlined the role of Chahe Yerevanian, owner and chairman of Sayfco, and founder of Phoenix Fighting Championship. He had organized in December the championship Phoenix 1, a martial arts masterpiece never seen before. He added about Chahe Yerevanian: “He is a person whose ambitions know no limits.”

As for Chahe Yerevanian, he said: “Phoenix 2 will be the biggest event in the history of Muay Thai. Phoenix Fighting Championship has proved yet again that it is on the right path to becoming one of the top martial arts organizations in the world. This is my goal and I am known for always reaching my goals. Besides, I want to take the chance to thank Minister and friend Avedis Kidanian for supporting this event. I would also want to thank President of both federations, the Arab and Lebanese, Master Sami Kablawi who is joining forces with us in order to organize sports events and competitions.” He also added: ” The fights will take place on the 29th of April and the athletes will be competing for 4 trophies. The event will be broadcasted on 6 international TV channels in different countries. Phoenix Fighting Championship will also be organizing competitions abroad.”