Cedar Fighting Championship 3 Results

10 Apr. 2017 – The 2017, latest edition of the Cedar Fighting Championship took place at Casino Du Liban, with a host of elite fighters competing for medals.

Here are the results of the event:

  • Lama Nassar defeated Nicole Khayrallah by submission (52kg)
  • Jenna Karam defeated Tracy Noon by doctor stoppage (52kg)
  • Joanna Salemeh defeated Sandra Hareb by unanimous decision (57kg)
  • Jules Hakim defeated Fawzi Baltajy by unanimous decision (70kg)
  • Barbara El Rassi defeated Dina Abou Diab in round 2 (57kg)
  • Khaldoun Chamseddin defeated Bassel Haynoun by unanimous decision (70kg)
  • Mohamad Osaily defeated Khaled El Ali by TKO (93kg)
  • Elie Mansour defeated Hussein Harrach by unanimous decision (84kg)
  • Bachir Yammine defeated Ahmad Homayda by points (75kg)
  • Jad Akach from Syria defeated Ali Tabaja from Lebanon by TKO (66kg)
  • Francois El Rassi from Lebanon defeated Majid Mouhammad from Syrian by forfeit (70kg)
  • Roland Yaakoubian from Lebanon defeated Razi Sabbagh from Syria by submission (57kg)
  • Yara Abou Mrad from Lebanon defeated Mona Khalil from Eygpt by submission (61kg)
  • Raoul Attara defeated Jean Pierre Saad in the 2nd round
  • Mohamad Kheir Mahmoud from Syria defeated Hassan Joune from Lebanon via unanimous decision (Amature lightweight championship)
  • Alexander Chaddad from Lebanon defeated Bahaa Abbas from Iraq (Amature heavyweight Championship)
  • Morgan Ribout [Judo world champion] defeated Walaa Abbas via submission (Final – Main event)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Photo credits: MMA MENA